Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best Things to Do on Maui.

So my family and I have been traveling to Maui every year since I was 16. Sometimes once a year, sometimes a couple of times a year. Every trip, we make a point to do some new things and still, we haven't done everything. Still, here is my list of BEST ACTIVITIES OR THINGS TO DO ON MAUI


1. The plantation course restaurant at Kapalua gold resort - Amazing food. It is a bit pricey but better than many of the pricey places and has a great sunset view
2. Geste Shrimp Truck - You can find this shrimp truck in Kahului not far from the Maui Swap meet. Look it up for exact address. I highly recommend the Spicy Pineapple Shrimp. And the truck looks a little scary, but trust me it is amazing. Oh, and be prepared for some pretty potent garlic breath.

3. Gazebo - Good place for breakfast. If you go the banana mac nut pancakes with coconut whipped cream are a must. Oh, and if you go early be prepared to wait in line for up to 30 minutes. We've found it is better to go for lunch - you can still order the cakes at this time. Oh, and this year we saw Bubba Watson there.
4. Kimo's - Good if you order fish. Pricey
5. Ruth's Chris in Lahaina - my family claims it is the best Ruth's Chris out there.
6. The Aloha Mixed plate - Some of us love this, some of us don't. We really love the Haupia they serve with your mean, but this coconut custard is an acquired taste. Either you love it or you don't. This little restaurant is cheap and offers great scenery.
7. Flat Bread Pizza in Paia - get the mopsy and the salad with Chicken. It is delish if you like pizza
8. No Ka Oi Deli Inc in Lahaina - amazing subs on amazing bread. The sandwiches are Huge - enough for three people- and they are $7 bucks. Deal? I think so.
9. T. Komoda bakery in Makawao - Best Cream Puffs and Doughnuts on a stick ever. Go early or you won't get anything. They run out very quickly.

10. Uluani's snow cones. Get the Haleakala. It is the best!!! You can also choose to have coconut, macadamia, or vanilla bean ice cream in the bottom of your snow cone and top it off with sweetened condensed milk sauce. MMMMMM!

1. Honolua bay - awesome snorkeling and very clear. We see turtles here often
2. Black Rock - Everyone raves about this snorkeling site on Kaanapali beach, but it is NOT one of my favs - just FYI
3. Polo Beach - Very good, colorful, clear snorkeling for beginners and advanced people alike. A good place to have your kids start off. We always see turtles here
4. Five Caves, Five Graves/ Turtle town - More turtles than I have ever seen in one place in my life. People also occasionally see White Tip reef Sharks and Rays. We've had no such luck but don't come here often.
5. Airport beach - Another great beginner place. A lot of fish. Many divers come here.

6. Baby Beach - A great little place to teach your very young ones how to snorkel. Oh, if you go here our house is across the street from the entrance ;)

7. Coral Gardens/ Olowalu - It's like snorkeling a maze of coral. Don't loose your way. If you do it's hard to find a good way back to shore without scraping your knees on coral. Overall, great little place to go.
8. Molokini Crater - Great snorkeling and visibility. We went on one of those raft boats and some people enjoyed it, but know this... you get wet. It's a bumpy ride and you get soaked. I didn't love it because it was early morning and I froze, but others on our tour loved the fun ride to and from the snorkeling spots.
9. Kapalua Beach - a pretty beach with good snorkeling. I recommend going in the morning or it gets a little murky. Overall, good snorkeling.


I will admit, we have not even scratched the surface when it comes to Maui hikes. I've heard that the best hikes are on the Hana side of the Island, but it is such a far drive, we rarely go.

These are the hikes we have done.

1. Twin falls - a fun and easy hike to a few smaller waterfalls. The lower falls are fun to jump off of, which we spent most of two of our days doing. It is about an hour drive from Lahaina and 30 minutes from Kahului.

2. Waihee Swinging Bridges Trail - it is a fairly easy hike to a man made water fall. The hike is fun. You do have to hike through some water so wear durable shoes. The swinging bridges are the highlight of this hike. Overall I give the hike a 6 out of 10

3. Waihee ridge trail - a harder hike with a steeper incline, but the view is spectacular. After about 20 minutes of hiking and depending on how clear the day is, you will find yourself hiking through clouds in the thick rainforest. You will also find yourself hiking above the helicopters that frequent this area for tours.

4. Waterfall hike between mile marker 7 and 8 south-ish of Waihee. You will find this trail between mile marker 7 and 8. We have no idea what the hike is called. I cannot find it anywhere online. We just happened upon this hike a few years ago. The trail is on the Ocean side of the road. This trail is short, jungle like and you will see many waterfalls. CAUTION - WHERE BUG SPRAY. If not, you will be eaten alive. Trust me.

Other Activities

1. If the young kids are looking for a jungle hike, as our's were, hiking into Honolua bay is a very lush and green hike. Again, wear bug spray.

2. Hang out in Lahaina. The night life is fun, chill and you will hear music everywhere. You may even get offered some "Maui Wowi" aka - weed. We have been offered this "Maui Wowi" at least once a day and yes, you can smell it everywhere on the Island.
Lahaina is definitely my Favorite little town to hang out in. If you decide to go here, keep your eyes peeled for the "parrot guy". I have been seeing this man for 12 years every year. He is a shirtless bigger guy that rides around on the same old bike holding the same old molting parrot. I always say that my trip is not complete without seeing the parrot guy.

3. Maui Swap meet - you will find your best deals here. Every year I walk away with priceless, cheap spoils. If you're shopping for gifts, this is the best deal you will find. Search Maui Swap Meet for the location. They take place every saturday from 7am until 1pm near the airport.

4. Olivine Pools - our new discovery. I do not recommend taking young kids here, as it can be dangerous. The olivine pools are these tide pools located on a fingertip like lava rock formation. They are deep enough to jump into in some places and are teaming with bright tropical fish. It is amazingly gorgeous and serene here. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE.

To find Olivine Pools you will need to drive a ways south of Kapalua. You will drive passed the Blow Hole, which is located by mile marker #38 on Highway 30. The hike down to the Olivine Pools is just passed the Bell Stone and a Dip sign on the road. Park on the left hand side and hike down. The pools are on the left. When you see the heart shaped pool below you, you will know you've found it. The hike is not clearly marked and there are many cliffs here, so be careful.
Also be cautious where you stand when down by the pools. Large waves can come out of nowhere and there have been a few deaths because of this. As long as your smart, you'll be just fine.

Bell Stone

5. DT Flemming Beach Boogie Boarding - If the waves are good, you can't beat this place for Boogie Boarding. We even got fortunate enough to swim with dolphins here in the early morning. DT Flemming is just south of Napili.

6. Rent a Paddle Board - You can rent a paddle board for around 30 to 40 dollars a day. They are fun to paddle around on and you can even try and catch some waves. A good place to practice your paddling skills in Baby Beach.

7. Hana Highway - if you don't get too carsick and you're brave enough to do the road to Hana, then do it. But leave early and plan to stop at as many stops as you can. And and, research the best stops before you go. Some are definitely better than others. We've done the road to Hana 4 times and I'm not sure if we will do it again. The drive is long, winding, and tiresome after awhile. But, some of the stops are worth it. Some of the stops are even better than the 7 sacred pools in my opinion.

A good place to research Hana stops in on Yelp.

8. Maui Blow Hole - Cool to see. The hike is a little steep and slippery, but not nearly as the Olivine pools hike.

There are many more things we've done  that I'm sure I will post later, but this is it for now. Until then, Aloha and enjoy your future trip to Maui!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twin Falls, Maui.

Today was a blast. We went snorkeling at Black Rock at Kaanapali (not my fav. snorkeling place, but still fun) and we hiked/ jumped of twin falls water falls. There used to be a rope swing here, which was the best rope swing on the planet. Sadly, it is not anymore, but jumping off the falls is just as fun. You can choose to jump as high or as low as you like. Sawyer loved playing in the puddles and arranging the rocks. He also liked watching Mom and Dad jump off the falls.

I definitely recommend stopping off at Twin falls if you visit Maui. It is an easy hike, with as easily marked very wide path. The upper falls is pretty, but the lower falls are much more fun and most people skip over them. So if your lucky, you may just have the lower falls to yourself.

We also stopped off at Mama's Fish house just to enjoy the huge 20 - 25 foot waves rolling in from their. It was amazing. It looked like clouds rolling in.